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We are regular advertisers in BearTown Voice, Katy (editor) contacted us to run an editorial piece in the local magazine which gets delivered to homes in Congleton, it was delightful chatting with Katy and we wish her well in her new home. Katy permitted us to post the article below:

Nestled in the heart of Congleton lies a treasure trove of history: Salford Mill, an enchanting listed building on Milk Street. Here, amidst the hustle and bustle of daily life, I had the pleasure of meeting Janet, the vibrant owner of Jantex, a business that has been a fixture in the mill since 1975.


Finding Jantex is a straightforward affair: just off Rood Hill, follow Milk Street until you reach the mill, which boasts ample parking—a rarity in town. According to its Wikipedia page, Salford Mill has quite the story to tell. Originally built for silk production by Nathaniel Barton, it later transformed into a fustian mill under Edward Knapper’s ownership. Cameron’s Knitwear Ltd also called it home before relocating to GRANTOWN-ON-SPEY in 1969.


But what truly piques curiosity are the mill’s connections to historical figures like suffragist Elizabeth Wolstenholme. Owned by her husband, Mr. Elmys, the mill became a platform for unconventional ideas. When Charles Bradshaw and Amie Bessant, leaders of the British Atheist Society, were denied a space in the town hall, Mr. Elmys offered them a platform at the mill. This gesture stirred up controversy, leading to protests marked by loud voices and thrown stones—a testament to the clash of ideologies in a changing world.


Jantex holds a special place in the heart of Congleton, tracing its roots back to Bernard McDonough, Janet’s father. A seasoned entrepreneur in the textile industry, Bernard had already left his mark with another shop in town, named after his wife, Dorothy. However, the allure of Salford Mill beckoned, offering a larger space to expand his business. Today, three floors of the mill are brimming with a vast array of stock, inviting customers to browse and discover treasures anew.


As you step into Jantex, you’re greeted by a wide selection of flooring on the ground floor. From cozy carpets in an array of materials, styles, and colours to sleek wooden and vinyl options, there’s something to suit every taste and space. What sets Jantex apart is their in-house installation team, ensuring a smooth process from start to finish. With samples available for a hands-on experience, customers can envision how the flooring will look and feel in their homes. Jantex also offers a free measuring service and allows customers to borrow samples, making the decision-making process hassle-free.


One of the standout features of Jantex is the remarkable team led by Janet. As I stepped into the building, I was warmly greeted by Dave Mould, a stalwart of the company for an impressive 35 years. Starting as a fitter, Dave now oversees the retail side of the business, drawing upon decades of experience to provide invaluable advice and guidance to customers. Alongside Dave, Lee Mc Gough serves as the main surveyor and project manager, ensuring smooth operations and flawless execution. Behind the scenes, Claire Taylor and Tracey Page keep things running like clockwork.


Janet herself is a true embodiment of passion for her work. Despite originally not intending to join the family business, she found herself drawn in after her father fell ill. Armed with a degree in Economics, Janet temporarily stepped in, only to discover a deep-seated love for the industry. It’s evident from speaking with her that Janet is not just dedicated to her job, but genuinely passionate about it.


Describing the plethora of fabrics gracing the second floor of Salford Mill is no easy task. My husband and I recently dedicated an entire afternoon to perusing the extensive collection, searching for the ideal material to upholster a footstool. Though we only required a mere meter square, Janet graciously assisted us in combing through countless sample books, meticulously spreading them out until we discovered the perfect fabric. With her wealth of knowledge on durability, we felt confident in our selection.


Excitedly, we anticipate repeating this delightful experience when selecting fabrics for our new lounge curtains. However, the intricacies of curtain-making exceed my skill set. Thankfully, Jantex offers a solution, providing expert curtain-making services along with matching tiebacks and cushions. They even supply and fit poles or tacks, ensuring a seamless transformation of our space.


The range of fabrics available on the second floor of Jantex is truly impressive, boasting the latest styles from renowned suppliers. Moreover, being part of a national buying group comprising over a hundred other independent retailers, Jantex can offer competitive pricing comparable to larger chains.


In addition to fabrics, Jantex also offers an impressive selection of window blinds, including roller blinds, roman blinds, vertical blinds, venetian blinds, panel blinds, Perfect Fit® blinds, pleated blinds, and wooden blinds. Their in-house team can expertly measure and fit these blinds to perfection.


As Janet converses with customers, her warmth and kindness shine through. Amidst discussions, she shares her unexpected hobby of raising Highland Cows with her partner, a charming revelation that reflects her vibrant spirit.


Jantex stands as a beacon of quality, passion, and personalised service within the historic confines of Salford Mill. Janet and her team embody the spirit of dedication and excellence, ensuring that every customer’s experience is nothing short of exceptional. As we bid farewell to Janet and Jantex, we leave with a newfound appreciation for the intersection of history, craftsmanship, and community, each thread woven seamlessly within the fabric of this extraordinary establishment.



Katy O’Regan

Editor & Podcast Host